Dirk Hartog Island

I sit silently in my kayak, stunned, not quite sure where to look. Infront are humpback whales peacefully rolling over onto their bellies, to my left a group of dolphins are dancing and behind me a dugong has stuck its snout out of the water. I listen to the constant echo of whales lurking below, completely surrounding our kayaks. A loggerhead turtle pops up, breaking the surface, and then darts off. A sharks fin moves swiftly and effortlessly through the ocean, chasing its dinner, leaving a distinctive ‘V’ in its wake. A manta ray glides elegantly past, in a peaceful rhythm, just beneath the surface. And a gigantic stingray lies, frozen on the sea floor. The ocean is a glassy pond and the entire sky is reflected on the surface. There are no words, my mouth just opens slowly, and silently whispers wow. This moment becomes hours as the sky gradually turns orange and the ocean is bursting with life. Happy first day of Spring everyone.

Here is a little edit I put together with my go pro footage from Dirk Hartog Island (Shark Bay, Western Australia):

Dirk Hartog Island from Dulkara Martig on Vimeo.