Walking across Nepal

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Chasing Snow Leopards

18 days walking in far Eastern Nepal, mostly in the Kanchenjunga region, right up near the border of Nepal and Tibet. Snippets of our adventure and stories that unfolded along the way. Every trip back to Nepal is different. Different companions, routes, and circumstances blend together to create an interesting mosaic of experiences which are unique. As always, small encounters with people and immersion in the culture of the ‘mountain people’ left my heart warm and excited to return for more. (more…)

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A slow paced journey: Walking Across Nepal

Note: this article was published in the NZOIA Quarterly publication back in 2014. Often we share the epic stories, the physical challenges and the hardships of longer expeditions. I wrote this to give an insight into the joys of slow-paced travel.

I have naturally itchy feet, always further aggravated by the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Last year as I walked out of the theatre, I vowed to succumb to the itching and set off on a longer journey.  A few weeks after completing my first NZOIA assessment I found myself embarking on an unsupported traverse of Nepal with Tom. On our third day we had covered the distance we had planned to do in one.  It didn’t seem to matter. Our destination soon became merely a distant focus, a direction to head in. (more…)

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Journey through Dolpa

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Note: we finished this trip in June 2013.

Diary excerpt: Some people are drawn to wild places; our hearts beat stronger. Here I see life in all of its vastness, all of its beauty, and its extraordinary depth. My heart dances, it beats stronger in these mountains. Life is stripped to the bare necessities; it’s impossible not to see what is most important.

Something about this place vibrates through me, like the sound of the conch shell in morning prayer in Saldang. It flows through the valleys like faded prayer flags dancing in the wind, elevating the soul of everyone who passes through. It’s more than just a connection to nature, but to a culture and community of people with so much history and depth.


Walking across Nepal

sat phone update May 29


In Jomsom! Tonight we had our first shower in over 70 days. Glorious. Has to be experienced personally to be fully appreciated! Who’s up for the challenge?! We also had 2 dinners each and 8 cups of hot chocolate and sweet milky tea, each! Yum. Today there were so many incredible eagles soaring all around us as we zoomed over our last pass. Proper blog update and photos coming in next few days 🙂

Walking across Nepal

second sat phone update May 26

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Successful pass crossing but we chose to take a ‘local trail’ down as a shortcut. Turns out it is a heap of shit! Stranded by more snowmelt. If you saw our sleeping spot you’d crack up. We’re sleeping in a sea of boulders and the path is nearly fit for mountain goats!! Will be able to continue in the morning again. Not sure how much sleep we’re going to get but will drown our sorrows with more porridge!

Walking across Nepal

sat phone update May 26

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Sweet campsite at 5000m, just making porridge to send us over another pass today. Tried soaking it and woke up to frozen solid oats 🙂 At this altitude we are usually happy with luke warm tucker anyway. You should have seen our dinner last night – a sludge of beaten rice, oats, potatoes and barley flour… with some masala and salt to flavour 🙂 Kagbeni in 3 days!