Isn’t being alone something most humans are inherently afraid of? I know I often am. About a year ago it struck me that I had never spent more than a day without seeing another human. So I set off alone into the bush, with 9 days worth of food. It was mid-week, and in the middle of winter. I had plenty of maps and a loose plan, but mostly I wanted to experience real solitude and see if it was what I expected it to be. Continue reading “Solo”

Hunters Hut packrafting mission

Headed up the Wanganui River again, a bit further up this time. Hunters Hut is a 5 hour tramp from the road end. The DOC sign says 5hrs, and unless you’re insanely speedy at boulder-hopping, you won’t be much faster.

This spot has everything an amazing packraft trip should have – wonderful scenery, few people, rapids that require a bit of thought to manoeuvre…and a sweet little DOC hut.

Still stoked with my backyard! Continue reading “Hunters Hut packrafting mission”

Mount Adams

“There’s a really cool mountain…” was all it took to convince Tom to join me for a trip up Mount Adams when he popped in at my place on his way North. It was our first trip together since spending 3 months in the Himalaya last year.

Access to Mount Adams is only a 20minute 20km drive South from my front door, and it’s the most accessible mountain from the main highway in South Westland. The climb involves a few kilometres scrambling up a riverbed, ascending a steep DOC-marked trail in the rainforest and then finally navigating tussock, rock and snow to the summit at 2208 metres. From the farmland below, it’s a 2100m elevation gain.

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Between lunch and dinner

Have you ever spent a laborious few days tramping down a river, gazing longingly at the water, wishing you could just float out? Or spent a few hours walking around a lake when you could have just paddled across? After Oscar mentioned some basic details about packrafting to me, I was sold. And – in typical Dulkara fashion – I bought my first one before I’d even tried it.

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