The Wild Podcast

I chatted to Andy and Jonathan on The Wild Podcast a couple of weeks ago. "In this episode we chat with explorer, adventurer and outdoors educator Dulkara Martig. We talk about travelling the world as a nomad, her epic traverse of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, gourmet cooking in the outdoors (think pizza and chocolate … Continue reading The Wild Podcast

From trail running to longer wilderness journeys

In this post I share how my love of trail running as a teenager evolved into a passion for rugged, off-track wilderness expeditions. I started trail running regularly when I was 13 years old and quickly became addicted to the endorphin high and the sense of freedom running gave me. My mum and I went … Continue reading From trail running to longer wilderness journeys

Life of an outdoor gypsy

I adjust my straps, sling my big red backpack over my shoulder and make my way to the check-in desk. I slip my passport onto the counter, drop my bag onto the scales, and smile at the check-in lady. I daydream my way through security and finally I'm buckled in, watching the land blur as we speed down the runway. I close my eyes and begin to reflect. This is the 39th flight I have been on during the past year. Flights have become a time for me to zone out, to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. I start doing some maths in my head. During the past 5 years I haven’t spent more than 5 months in one place. And during the past 20 months, I haven’t spent more than 5 days in one place, apart from one 10-day stint in San Francisco.

Quarter of a century. Fertig. Finnito. Complete.

(Dec 2013) 25 years of life, just like that. Boof - gone. Lately I have been overwhelmed, not by lack of opportunities, but by an incomprehensible number of amazing opportunities and interesting doors, all winking and me and vying for my attention. For me birthdays are a time to reflect on the previous year and look … Continue reading Quarter of a century. Fertig. Finnito. Complete.