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Mountain Man Magnet!

On first impressions I looked like your average female tourist in Thamel: a casual dress, sandals, and a little unkempt following a few weeks in the mountains. If you looked a little closer you may have noticed my distinctive gaitor tan lines, chunky Suunto watch and well-loved Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack slung over my shoulder. (more…)

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Life of an outdoor gypsy

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An insight into the life of an outdoor gypsy – the highs, the lows, and everything inbetween.

I adjust my straps, sling my big red backpack over my shoulder and make my way to the check-in desk. I slip my passport onto the counter, drop my bag onto the scales, and smile at the check-in lady. I daydream my way through security and finally I’m buckled in, watching the land blur as we speed down the runway. I close my eyes and begin to reflect. This is the 39th flight I have been on during the past year. Flights have become a time for me to zone out, to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. I start doing some maths in my head. During the past 5 years I haven’t spent more than 5 months in one place. And during the past 20 months, I haven’t spent more than 5 days in one place, apart from one 10-day stint in San Francisco. (more…)