Mountain Man Magnet!

On first impressions I looked like your average female tourist in Thamel: a casual dress, sandals, and a little unkempt following a few weeks in the mountains. If you looked a little closer you may have noticed my distinctive gaitor tan lines, chunky Suunto watch and well-loved Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpack slung over my shoulder.It was a Monday afternoon and I found myself aimlessly wandering through the streets, feeling exhausted after a horrendous 28.5hr bus ride back to the big smoke. I’d just come off an epic hiking mission in far Eastern Nepal and was feeling a bit flat being back in the city. Suddenly on my own. A tad lonely. And with itchy feet.


As I walked out of a local momo (Tibetan dumpling) joint, I was wishing I had somebody to hang out with. I hit the crowded road and a guy yelled out at me from across the street “Hey, what kind of backpack is that?” Turns out they are two outdoor gear geeks from Seattle. They’d noticed a girl with a Hyperlite pack, wearing a Suunto watch and knew I was one of their kind! I scored myself a few dinner dates with these dudes, and tomorrow I’m off to an event with one of them.

Fast-forward 48hrs and I found myself sitting in a middle-eastern restaurant eating dessert with a German girl I had met that afternoon.

I notice an outdoorsy guy beelining it for my table.

“Is that your backpack?” he asks. I laugh. He sits down and we chat about gear, then adventures. This guy is from Montana, he’s into ice climbing.

My backpack is a mountain-man magnet.

I can’t help but wonder, is my backpack eventually going to score me a mountain man boyfriend who wants to embark on epic adventures?!