A quick update

A quick update via an Australian and Finnish family we met on the trail.

We’ve now walked over 300km and climbed over 10,000m in 15 days –
quite an achievement considering the altitude and how rugged the terrain has been! Our feet are killing us, mostly because of the gnarly descents. A few days ago we descended 3000m in 24hrs.

Highlight of the past 6 days:
Crossing the Lumba Sumba pass, our first high-altitude crossing. The night before we slept under a giant boulder, sheltering from the snow. After some tricky navigation and deep snow, we finally made it to the low lands where we flew down valley, spurred on by the thought of sleeping under a real roof and eating dahl baht! We made it just before dark, exhausted after covering 32kms and climbing 1200m above 5000m in one day. And a dream came true: WE SAW A YOUNG SNOW LEOPARD!!!!!

Since then we’ve had many more adventures (including seeing a red panda) but those will have to wait.

Leaving Hongong this morning, heading for the main trail to Makalu.

Happy New Year 2073 from Nepal!