Nepal: Satellite Phone Update 5 Apr 2016

After flying to a small town in the far east of Nepal at 90 metres above sea level we jumped on a local bus for a nerve racking 9 hour journey to the end of the road. After both suffering from a 24 hour diarrhoea and vomiting bug we started walking into the mountains. During the past 9 days we walked 169 km and gained around 6,000m in elevation and had one acclimatisation day. A few days ago a grumpy policeman at a remote checkpoint told us that permit rules had changed since we left Katmandu and we had to take a local guide for 4 days or turn back. So we paid a local 19 year old to walk with us for a few days. It was like rent-a-friend, probably the easiest money he has ever made. We made it to the far north eastern border, a stones throw from Tibet and Sikkem. Yesterday while hurrying down valley from Kangchenjunga base camp our eye lashes were frozen. This evening we are huddled around a fire with a sherpa family eating Tibetan bread and eggs. Tomorrow morning we plan to get an early start and if all goes to plan we will be crossing two high altitude passes in the next 4 days. I hope you are all enjoying left over chocolate from easter. We are mostly living on oats in cold water and rice and lentils. Let the himalayan fitness and photography camp continue. I’ll try to update again in 10 days.