sat phone update May 21

Went over another 5,000m+ pass two days ago and then found PEANUT BUTTER, we polished off a whole jar by the spoonful! We are now basking in the morning sun at 4,500m ready to tackle a 5,400m pass. Lately we have been stunted by swollen streams and forced to camp early – snowmelt turns the smallest trickle into raging brown torrents with rolling boulders in the afternoons. There are lots of SNOW LEOPARD footprints where we are now – not just a myth after all! Tonight will be our 18th night in a row at over 4,000m. We’re loving life – so many laughs and more new friends.


  1. wow, snow leopard prints!!! bounders rolling down streams….sounds amazing! keep on having a good time 🙂

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