sat phone update May 7

Another snow storm and epic pass crossing over 5,300m. Waist deep snow in many places, but mostly thigh deep. We are constantly falling through, often having to dig each others feet out. First day anyone has crossed this year. Now safe in Shey Gompa, snowed in by three passes! We are staying in the oldest monastery in Nepal with a lama and his wife! Amazing experience, we will stay here a few days. Only 15 people living here. The Suma population are stranded in lowlands waiting for snow to melt more. When we move next we will go Saldang via another 5,000+m pass. Now we are surrounded by prayer flags, yaks, mountains and beautiful rock. They speak Tibetan here but we can get by with our Nepali which is getting better, helped with crazy hand gestures!


  1. Salü Dulkara,
    i wish the best weather for your long walking trip with Tom
    have a good time i will
    drink the beer in kandersteg for you


  2. What an amazing experience. i was metaphorically digging my own feet out as I read! Kia kaha both of you Ash

  3. Dulkara tells me she has a new mother, who makes the best roti – the Tibetan wife of the lama in Shey Gompa. I guess it’s only fair to share her round!

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