sat phone update May 5

1pm and we are at a sweet camp spot at 4700m in sun, in singlets! Been watching himalayan tahr and marmots. Had a snow storm yesterday and bivvied under a rock. Day before we camped with Tibetan nomads, great times around the fire with them and we managed to buy four cups of rice – score! Food is a challenge in these parts and our packs are over 25kg already so we cant really carry more. That’d be too much character building! Tomorrow we will be in Shey Gompa, then another big pass. We feel so alive right now, the mountains are incredible and we are healthy 🙂


  1. Fantastic to hear your news. Macka and I enjoying following your journey. xx

  2. Solution: Tame a tar to ride, and ditch the food, just start digging up marmots, fat little suckers, sure to be tasty!

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