Sat phone update 7 April

Just as we were cranking the climbs, it was Dulkara’s time to get properly sick. Raging fever with intense temps and all sorts of other symptoms. To balance it out a little Tom got bed bugs! Somehow we still we are still managing to laugh at ourselves. We just left Urthu, a town 5 km from Jumla after two full days days of no walking. Heading towards Juphal. News flash: just witnessed 1st male/female PDA – arm and shoulder. Times are changing! All the shitty sick times we have are part of the adventure and they make us appreciate the great times so much more! Hugs to all back home.


  1. Hi Guys, We are obviously out of touch with modern acronyms and have no idea what ‘male/female PDA arm and shoulder’ means. Perhaps a public display of affection? Can anyone confirm, thanks. Looking forward to more news and our love goes with you both. Craig and Anthea.

  2. Agree with Craig’s interpretation of PDA. Are we right? Hope the tummy bug has cleared by now. Gruesome times go with the good times eh. Tracy.

  3. Tummy bug? Bed Bugs? Get rid of both quickly! Keep on keeping on! Anne

  4. This was supposed to read “arm around shoulder” instead of “arm and shoulder” – no wonder there has been so much confusion. Although really I think it is just the old farts who aren’t up with our youthful acronyms these days 😛

  5. Thank you – feeling much better now! Just a nasty skin infection to get rid of properly – course of antibiotics just finished, fingers crossed it works some magic 🙂

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