Sat phone update March 25

Momentous occasion – we have walked off our first map! Bit behind schedule but great considering Tom’s terrible bug. Took a while to get used to 24kg packs, now both feeling strong and ready to hit real altitude in a few days. Stayed in Martadi last night. Rara in 3 or 4 days. Incredible journey so far, not the most direct route at all! Tourists a rarity here, every time we stop to eat, get water etc… we have nearly the hole village coming to watch It’s like being animals in the zoo at feeding time!


  1. So thrilled to hear of your progress and exciting adventures. Keep the reports coming, love you heaps Mum & Dad

  2. We are so excited for you both. It must be amazing being in those remote places. Enjoy every moment of this great adventure.

  3. Congratulations!! whoop whoop! I remember that feeling, how many maps in total?? How are the tracks? Well trodden and marked? Are the maps accurate? Hugs and kisses X Yv.

  4. thanks folks! Yvette, I don’t know how many maps there are exactly, they are all kind of different. Maps are not much use at all – scales are terrible and the contour lines are 80m apart! Maybe that’s a good thing – means that we are ignorant to all of the hills we have to climb each day…Most tracks so far have been well trodden (walked by locals for thousands of years), no marks anywhere though. But we can use our terrible Nepali (although getting better) to try and make sure we are on the right track. We are heading into a more remote region now so the nav will get more difficult.

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