Darchula (Dulkara)

A super quick update – just letting you know that we have arrived safely in Darchula, our starting point. It’s on the far Western border of Nepal and India. India is just across the river 🙂

It was a mission to get here – the last leg was a 19.5 hour local bus journey. Those of you familiar with Nepali/Indian roads then you might be able to relate! 19.5 hours of crazy exposure, Nepali folk music on repeat and constant bumps to send us flying in all directions.  But some fantastic local company. Nothing beats trying to have conversations with people who speak virtually no English – hand gestures and laughs galore! No matter what our background or culture is, we all have so much in common.

Okay, gotta fly. Tomorrow we start walking East.



  1. Absolutely stunning photos and great written updates. Looks so amazing. Hope all is well and you both continue to thoroughly enjoy your journey. God bless, love you lots ~ Rach, Em & Charlie xxxxxx.

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